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I’m still here… I promise!


Hello! Sorry its been so long since my last post. Exam season was soon upon us and revision completely got in the way of life and blogging. Now however, my exams are done for the year! It’s hard to say how they went. On the day I felt awful about English, but in hindsight I feel better about it. Biology and Psychology I was worried about due to the sheer amount of knowledge: you have to know a lot even though only a small amount actually comes up in the exam. I think they went well though, I don’t think there was anything else I could have written.  Its such a relief for that to be over!

Sadly, a long hot summer does not start here. I’m straight into UCAS and crafting my personal statement, as my tutor has highlighted me for early entry due to Physiotherapy being a competitive course. 2794 characters in and I’m beginning to run out of steam… plus the temptation to use the word ‘passionate’ is getting too strong!

Of the four college students I had a meeting with about UCAS priority entry, I am the only one who can attend the Cambridge University summer school that Chichester college was offered 4 places to. This is an amazing opportunity to experience a university lifestyle; we spend a week in the university halls attending seminars by day and socialising by evening. In the past events such as theatre trips, walks around the grounds, music nights and punting on the river Cam have been held, which all sound brilliant to me!

After I finish my first draft of the personal statement, it’s back to a week of intense driving theory (second time lucky eh?!) and A2 transition work, then by the end of June I will be free! July is looking intense but amazing for me, filled with lots of trips to places and finally culminating in my 18th birthday!

From the health point of view, my bloods have been too high recently, so my dosage of chemotherapy tablets has increased. They still need to suppress my immune system somewhat to ensure that they reach every last little Leukaemia cell. In other news, I think my cough has finally shifted. Good riddance! Remember I said if it’s not one thing then it’s another though? I now have a slightly odd rash near my old central line site which could just be heat rash, but looks as if it may be slowly tracking over my shoulders, so this will need some further testing and observation. It’s not itchy or painful and my temperature has been fine, its just a bit odd looking and is very conspicuous where it is so I would like it to be treated if possible.

During the half term I had a great trip to Rome with Make A Wish which I will be writing more about in a separate post. For now I’ll tell you that it was hot, sunny and such a vibrant city!


Devon On My Mind


We’ve had an action packed week down in Devon!

Since my last post we have been down to some caves dating back to the Roman era, climbed the rocks at the foot of a cliff, visited both neighbouring towns, hired motor boats and most recently been on a “Segway Safari”!

The caves were chilly but really interesting, in one place a worker signed the wall in 1868 but you could still read what he had written! We had to wear very attractive yellow hard hats in case of falling rocks and were given the option to wear a fleece poncho for warmth- something us teenagers politely declined!

Our climbing expedition felt very ‘famous five’-esque and despite being nervous and slow on the way there I was soon clambering around from rock to rock like the little kids around us! The water in the bay is beautifully clear even up to shoulder height, and is a lovely Jade colour. It gets waist deep just a few steps in which makes a change from having to walk really far out at West Wittering!

Two of our nearest towns were Sidmouth and Lyme Regis, we visited Sidmouth first and stumbled upon a morris dancing parade on the promenade, then we saw more of the Jurassic Coast through a guided ‘cruise’ down seafront. In Lyme Regis we did a spot of shopping and decided to treat outselves to lunch out. The high street was cute, but none of the other beaches have topped the one in the town we are staying in!

On Thursday we spent our time at Beer beach, mostly sunbathing but we also took two motor boats out for an hour on the sea- during which the boys managed to catch some fish and the girls succeeded in breaking the boat… we fixed it though, so no harm done! On the trip both boats caught sight of a seal in the wild, dipping in and out of the water which we were pretty impressed with!

devon holiday

The segway ‘safari’ Friday morning was superb, at first when we were being taught the basics everyone was a bit shaky and unsure but once we got onto the training track we were off! (If you don’t know what this is, open a new tab and google “segway” then come back!) When our leader took off the speed limits we went flying on the road, as we went over a gentle hill we got to try weaving from side to side which was so fun! It’s really exhilarating with the wind rushing past and the wheels carrying you- “it’s all about trusting the machine” as our guide would say! We were given the opportunity to go over a bump in the track, which we girls hurriedly shook our heads at and rolled backwards, but the boys were up for the challenge. My cousin even took off and made a little jump out of it by accident which looked good but terrifying at the same time! After a quick group photo we all tried going backwards, at which point my uncle falls clear off of the back of his segway onto the grass!

segwaySo I had a brilliant week of holiday, coming back to real life was sad but had to be done! I loved Devon and definitely want to go back again to explore more! Today I should be starting my maintenance chemotherapy which lasts for a year. That means an IV this afternoon: the dose will go through a cannula (really not looking forward to people trying to get that into my tiny, useless veins!) and some tablets. I really don’t want to do it as I feel like I am back to normal now and don’t need any more treatment, but I know that I have to go through with it to hopefully prevent  a relapse.

Will let you know how the hospital goes and whether I feel any different from this round of chemo anyway! Hope everyone is having a lovely summer.

Christmas Time Is Here


In my last post I told you that Homebase had donated us a Cchristmas tree. Well today, after an hour and a half of arguing over tinsel, moving people’s baubles to a better place and most importantly lots of laughter the Christmas tree is up!
Two of the social workers, some parents, a friend of a patient plus Ed and I battled with the branches for a while before we managed to get them into the correct holes, then we put it by the window and started decorating! Ed and I were wearing some ridiculous rudolf antlers with baubles hanging off which added to the fun!
Finally the time came to put the star on, so Ed and I being the first and longest running patients got to do the honours, which turned out to be a bit of a nightmare…

If you click to enlarge the photo it will turn into a gallery of them!
In the end (after chopping at the tree a bit) all was fine and we have a festive sight to look at now!
5 This has been one of my favourite days of being in hospital as it was lovely chatting to so many people who I have grown close with through these last few months and we were focusing on the positives, not the possibility of being in hospital over Christmas.

Thriller Night


Happy Halloween every one!
Every year before Halloween we are all forced to go on a family walk in Slindon. There’s a walk that has a fallen tree with loads of branches now growing upwards towards the sky which we’d always climb on, no matter how old we got.
Then you walk up and around a lake where there is a horse in a field that everyone stops and coos over (except me) and opposite this there is a house with lovely wide windows and a huge lawn area that would be perfect for summer garden parties! As you walk along church hill there are some gorgeous posh houses and quaint cottages, it’s so peaceful and pretty! There is also a sweet little bench that is set around a tree in the middle of the road- another thing we just have to sit on for a while, no matter how irritable our parents are getting as they try and coax us to walk more!
Eventually we come to the pumpkin display! We’ve always called it ‘going to see the gourd lady’ and I’ve always pictured her sitting all grumpy up in her house while hundreds of people flock to the display, oohing and ahhing and arguing over which pumpkin looks the best. I don’t know why I have this image, she’s probably perfectly pleasant! They have an amazing variety of pumpkins, all different shapes and sizes and colours!
Slindon pottery also sell items they have made and we have been known to manoeuvre our parents into buying us a pumpkin shaped ceramic badge or postcard with lit up pumpkins on… items we never actually found a good use for!
They also create this brilliant display using different coloured pumpkins, here are some examples…

Usually we cousins pretend to hate the walk, moan and sit down as much as possible but secretly I have loved it all these years, I am actually quite sad that I couldn’t go this year and spend the time with my family in our tradition, breathe in the crisp autumn/winter air and challenge my brother by finding a ‘better’ pumpkin than him or dad.
I thought I’d share my Halloween tradition with you as its the 31st today and whilst everyone is out partying or trick or treating I have to miss out on the festivities this year. We wouldn’t normally do anything on the night of Halloween except decorate the outside of the house with a pumpkin and sneakily eat the sweets between callers but this situation means I had to adjust and create new ways of celebrating. I have just followed the walk through the village on google street view, and Moira the ward sister decorated a basket with lights, tissue paper and fake spiders then brought round treats for the patients and in stead of carving a real pumpkin I was given one with lipgloss in and a chocolate one with smarties inside.

In the spirit of Halloween I’ll leave you with a creepy article to have a little look at…


Halloween Nails Done


My last post was meant to be sent around 3 pm, but I lose wifi when I go off the ward so sorry for the delay and weird timing!

here are this weeks FABULOUS Halloween inspired nails…
Ribbet collage

halloween nails

There’s no question that I have a seriously talented and cool Aunty!

Not a lot going on drugs wise this week but I am seeing some of my loveliest friends so I am really looking forward to it.
Hope you all have great half terms!