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Tour de Solent!


Yesterday a group of us went along to Gunwharf Quays in order to welcome the cyclists back from their two day trip around the Isle of Wight.

Despite rain, steep hills and a couple of punctures along the way  the team were all in high spirits (they probably didn’t feel like it but I think what we saw was the relief that their miles of cycling  was over and the thoughts of a long hot bath shining through!)

teenage cancer trust cycling team
The ‘Tour de Solent’ Team!

 We sat outside in the sun hearing stories from the trip, including when ‘someone’ (there was much shifting of blame over who this someone was!) left the money bucket on the ferry, when Ray decided to cycle to the pub as there wouldn’t be space for five in the taxi, then when the taxi turned up they discovered it actually would have taken six people… meaning that two of the cyclists were doing extra work for nothing and how the tent poles came apart in dads tent so that by the morning the rain was soaking through to the inside of the “2 man” tent!

I hope you’re not throwing up on the money Immie!

They all did brilliantly, managing 50 miles on the first day and completing the final 20 the second day. The total on the just giving page is now £2020 which is absolutely awesome! I don’t know whether this includes the cash from the Teenage Cancer Trust bucket but thank you so much to everyone who donated in whatever way, you have stunned us with your generosity!


Platelets Let Me Down


Today’s blood test revealed that my platelets are too low for chemo which is

so annoying!

My results were HB 112 Platelets 51 Neutrophils 0.7. 

They have rescheduled to check my bloods again early next week and all being well my chemo should go ahead Wednesday. I really don’t want there to be a big delay so here’s hoping my platelets recover ASAP!

This evening some of the cyclists for the upcoming “Tour de Solent” I have mentioned met to discuss the plan and here is a couple ofTeenage cancer trust cycle  photos we took for the Just Giving page…


Also I noticed on the way back how wonderfully patchy my hair is getting, see either side of that weird shaped bit of hair left at the front…


And just for some more embarrassment (a nurse once said to me

                                                                                                                                            “with cancer you                                        leave your dignity at the door                and pick it up on the way out”

and man he was spot on!) here is a video Ed, Harley, Josh and I helped to make which gives a tour of the ward at Southampton, I’m sure many are curious to know what it looks like! Apologies in advance for how inarticulate I am and how silly my voice sounds. OH and also how bad I am at dancing.

                                              Yes, I said dancing!

But it’s a cute video and it was really fun to film, as you can see a lot of the shots were taken while we were just messing around so it was a laugh!