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Quick Update!


Had 2 chemo doses again today and I am feeling ok so far except for a bit of back pain from one of the drugs. My next treatment isn’t for about 2 weeks so if all is well the consultant has agreed to discharge me on Saturday. There’s no point in me sitting around here doing nothing when the bed could be used for other people so I should be getting some more freedom which is great! I’ll just have to be super careful at home because it’s very likely that my immune system will be flat again pretty soon. Luckily Howard Ward at St Richards have agreed to give me a bed if I get a temperature and need anti-biotics like before so even if I get ill there is a plan in place.

So anyway, I will let you know whether I manage to get out or not!

Goodbye for now!


Post From Nashville?!


The chemo has definitely started to kick in now and I’m feeling slightly worse for wear, but the sunshine and the fact that I am home is something to be thankful for!
On Sunday the weather was gorgeous so I hosted a bbq for the old gang, we sat out in the sun chatting for hours and it was just really lovely! IMG_20140413_182420

I’ve noticed that through this experience I have learnt to treasure every moment of freedom and time spent with friends and have also grown to appreciate the little things- just being able to sit in the sun and have a laugh with my girls was so special!
Another thing that has really struck me recently is how precious life is. Before August 2013 I took my health for granted and it never even crossed my mind that this could happen to me, but since going through this I am determined to make my life count and not waste my opportunities. I think we need constant reminders to appreciate everything we have been given and to live life in all it’s fullness.
Meeting people with terminal cancers through the ward is always inspiring to me, but I still find the whole thing so indescribably unfair that I can’t wrap my head around it. How can I get off with no complications whilst someone else has been suffering for years without a positive outcome? Why should I be the lucky one? I’ve found that it makes me long for the day when there is a cure for all cancers.
This is one of the reasons that I really connect with the latest Race For Life advert (if you haven’t seen it you can follow this link… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueU_zGjnJLA ) I love the tone of the narration, it says we’ve had enough of you cancer and we’re coming to get you!

In the past used to naively assume that because cancer is still one of the major causes of death in the UK Cancer Research didn’t actually do much, but how wrong I was! I now know a lot more about what they do and just recently made the link between the charity and clinical trials. This was something I was offered in the beginning of my treatment and it made Cancer Research more relevant to me. Through the viral “no make-up selfie” campaign (in which women take a photo of themselves fresh faced, post it online, text a donation to charity and nominate others to do the same) an astonishing £8m was donated to Cancer Research UK. This money can now go on to fund nine more clinical trials which I think is really great.
Since this charity has been put on my heart I have found an event called Shine Night Walk, a walk around London in the evening on September 27th and am thinking of entering this year to raise money for them. It will require training and planning but I will let you know if I get a group together and am looking for sponsors!

Before I go tonight I have one last story to tell! You might remember that back in February I missed a Taylor Swift concert I had planned to go to, the one that one of my nurses then went to and met Taylor Swift’s mum at? Well, as mama Swift took my name and said for me to write to them I sent off my fan mail at the the end of Feb… and waited. Then waited a little bit more. Finally a package arrived for me today, and I stood staring at it for a while thinking “but who do I know that lives in Nashville?!” then the light-bulb moment hit me and I was grinning and tearing at the cardboard! The parcel contained some really cool merchandise from her Red tour including an autographed photo, t-shirt and some mega cool Taylor Swift guitar picks! Anyway here’s a picture to show you my goodies!