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Perpetually Tired


Having felt a bit rubbish the last few days my mood did pick up considerably earlier and I was back to my more chatty self for a while!

I had my two doses of chemo in the morning, one of which I thought I’d put up a photo of as it is quite an unusual bright red colour…

doxorubicin It hasn’t come out that effectively as this was taken on my phone but it looks like Tango or a melted strawberry ice pop in real life!

It turned into a really pleasant day so when my cousins arrived at the hospital we escaped for lunch on Southampton Common. I really enjoyed getting a trip out into the fresh air but have been shattered ever since as the chemo has definitely kicked in!

My next dose is on Saturday so I am just waiting around now to see if I can grab some more time at home when that is done.

Before I go I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the people that sent me an email through the blog after my last post, it was a real encouragement to hear from you and all of the support is really appreciated!




Guten morgen!

Just wanted to let you know my head is alive with ideas for new posts at the moment and I have so much to tell you all. I am fairly sure my mum would NOT appreciate the 5.30am wake up I if I got up to write them at this moment. Those darn steroids have me awake at wacky times!

The nurses will come in to do observations in about an hour so I figure I can get up then and get started!

I’ll be posting more about my time so far in hospital and what my ward is like, so you can all have more of an insight! 🙂