This page might be useful in helping you understand what I am going on about when I mention my ‘counts’!

For a normal person, your blood results would be as follows:
HB (red blood cells) 120-150 approx
White Cell Count 4-11
Neutrophils (immune system) 2-7.5
Platelets (make your blood clot) 150-400

Your observations, depending on health, age and fitness level should be:
Blood pressure 120 over 80
Temperature 37.0
Oxygen Levels 100
Pulse varies

When I talk about my line, it is a central or ‘hickman’ line which is tunneled under my skin into a vein so that drugs can get straight into my blood stream. It splits into two lines or ‘lumen’, one red and one white (defined by the colour of the clamp on the line). They are different colours because in some chemotherapy treatment one line must be saved for use with only a certain drug.
This isn’t me but is what it looks like coming out


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