I’m Back (and so is my cough)


I am ashamed to admit that I’ve gone two months without a blog post! Sorry for leaving you in the dark… life got busy with christmas, constant colds, socialising and January mocks.

I’m happy to report that I got ABB in my AS mocks, a better result than I had expected! My key with mocks is to have low expectations- then I’m usually pleased by the outcome!

A few weeks ago I had another dodgy lumbar puncture, so now two doctors have struggled to get the sample. This is usually OK because I can’t feel anything, but this time I could feel twinges in my back every so often. Thankfully the next one isn’t for another 3 months so I endeavour to put it out of my head!

We had another CLIC Sargent/ teen and young adult meal out recently which was great, it’s always fun to catch up with friends from the ward and see everyone doing well. It was held at an american restaurant in Gunwharf so was a good night out of Chichester for me and my friend Zoe.

My immune system has definitely been suffering from the maintenance chemotherapy recently; before everything I was one of the people who never became ill. Now it seems that during winter I am destined to pick up every cough, cold or sore throat around! Vicks vapo-rub and soothers are my new best friends.

A few exciting trips have been booked for this summer: a friend invited me to Spain which is going to be really lovely, then with two of my friends who are heading off to Uni we decided to do a couple of nights in Dublin on mini-break which will be a laugh. I’m feeling pretty blessed at the moment!

The specialist nurse has told me that my end of treatment is set to be December this year. We had thought it would be August, but apparently there are other conditions that weren’t explained before. Its annoying but I am used to the maintenance treatment, the way I see it is that it’s not that I am starting anything new/bad. This means a new countdown, so my final bone marrow will be in November and last chemo should be around December 17th. 17 months down, only 10 months to go! (Yes, I know 10 months is a long time but having more behind me than left to go is a better feeling!)


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  1. Well done Becca, your exam results are brilliant !
    We loved Dublin, the history , the writer`s museum,( thought the shopping was a cut above the usual,( me not Colin …) ) and the general elegance of the city.
    Thanks for your kindness to Sinaed, please pray for her, for strength to know and make the best decisions, ( as for us all ). She instinctively reaches out to others.

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