Burning Up (and Burning Out)!


Today I had to go into Howard Ward again, as a chesty cough I have gave me a couple of high temperatures and a fever in the night which continued this morning.

After a couple of hours of sitting around in the ‘stabilisation’ room (a scary room with an incubator, dentist-style chair/bed, defib and many more freaky medical things) the doctors gave me an examination.
Overall everything seemed fine, the only problem was the cough. Because of my condition and treatment they decided it would be best to do some bloods (which involved a cannula *shivers*) and send me down for an X-ray to be sure that my chest was clear.

After that I felt pretty tired and tried to nap awkwardly in a chair, while we waited for the final decision and some drugs. Luckily I only have to have three days of an antibiotic called “Azithromycin” …. good luck trying to pronounce that! Honestly, I don’t know how they come up with some of these drug names.

I am taking a couple of days off of college to prevent myself getting any worse and because I am quite run down today. Yesterday my English teacher joked about end-of-term-itis; but if that was a real thing I would definitely have it!
I am really looking forward to the Christmas break and the time away from college to focus my studies again and do some major rest! I’ve been doing a lot of stuff recently and it’s taking it’s toll on me now. I need to learn to slow down!

from a sniffly & tired Becca,


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