“A Haematological Sandwich”


Well folks, I was up at 2:30 in the morning last night, so what better to do with that time than blog? The majority of my posts last year in hospital came from ridiculous times because I was wired from the steroids. The catch this time? I’m not even on them yet, I have that particular joy to look forward to on Tuesday. Grrr!

Anyway, today’s post isn’t all me being sarcastic. This next bit is actually quite serious, so get ready. (I often find myself warning people before I depart bad news nowadays as when I first found out about the whole leukaemia thing I sprung it on my Aunty and best friend over the phone- without any preparation. It was a pretty huge shock that I am not sure they appreciated!)

In the past week, my grandma (Olive) has been diagnosed with a blood condition, hence the title of this post. The first thing mum said to me after she had explained grandma’s situation was “What with you and now your grandma, I am stuck in a haematological sandwich!”. What are the chances eh? She’s been having back pain for around 9 months so one positive is that it is good to finally have an understanding.
Her treatment should actually make her feel better once it starts and she doesn’t even have to stay in hospital, the lucky woman!

I think that some of the things we have learnt through my experience gave us a little more knowledge and also helped us feel slightly less worried about it all.
Personally, my experience helps me to know almost exactly how she feels. One night I went to see her at her house and she wasn’t feeling great, which brought back all the times when I felt weak, pained or tired. Having this perspective allows me to empathise on a much deeper level.
I will keep you all updated from now on about both grandma and I, but thoughts and prayers are much appreciated!

Onto a more positive note, I got to go to the pumpkin display at Slindon twice this weekend, once with family and once with a friend. Anyone who was reading the blog around this time a year ago will remember my reminiscing on Halloween and firework night traditions, and moaning that I wasn’t able to join in that year.
Well, a year later and I am running around in the woods (because who isn’t still a big kid inside) and carving pumpkins to my hearts content. I’ll say it just one more time, I promise, but it’s so amazing to be at the opposite of where I was a year ago. I am constantly reminded that there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

Best wishes for half term everyone, enjoy!



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