A Walk Down Memory Lane and a New City Adventure


Just to highlight that I am not all doom and gloom, this week of college has been lovely! Last week’s post came from a steroid-induced-anger filled place so I was not feeling all that positive. Once the dark mood wore off and I resumed a normal sleeping pattern I felt back to normal again!

Lessons have started properly now and today I was thinking about how much I am loving it! Being back in education, in the classroom surrounded by new people with a purpose and a goal feels better than I had expected.
Ask me again around Christmas time when I am revising extensively for my mocks and I’ll probably tell you a different story, but for now I am living in the moment and enjoying everything as it happens!

This week I went back to my high school to say hello to my old form tutor and head of year who is going on maternity leave. We’d been saying all year that I might pop in but now I am finally well enough! Quite a lot had changed which was fun to see, but many of the places still looked (and smelled) the same! It was nice to bring back some funny memories walking my old route and through those familiar buildings!

This evening mum and I caught
the train down to Bath for the weekend as I was invited to a friends’ wedding. I have never been so am looking forward to exploring a new city! Our train was cancelled which led to an hour delay, so we couldn’t do an open top bus tour of the city which was a shame. We had a lovely dinner at Jamie’s Italian and walked around the block. I am a total city girl, I LOVED going around Sydney and New York on past holidays so I can’t wait to do more exploring tomorrow!


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