Line Infection No. 4


My temperature was still all over the place and I felt terrible on Thursday
morning, but in the evening I cooled down, perked up and my appetite came back. Obviously the antibiotics have kicked in which is great!

One of the tests they did on my blood culture has grown the same bug again, so they have confirmed that this illness was caused by my line infection. They are switching around some of my antibiotics now that they know this so when my temperature has stabilised I could possibly get out more!

Hopefully my counts will be up soon so that they can finally take this thing out and put an end to my suffering!


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  1. Becca, really hoping you get out and about again soon but marvelling that you are managing to keep us all updated when you clearly must feel like having a full on toddler tantrum. What did we do before blogs and social media allowed us share it all? Thankful things seem to be taking an upward turn. Good old anti biotics.

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