Hot in Here


After what felt like one of the longest hospital days EVER, I was feeling down and really ready to get a great nights sleep tonight. Does anyone know my situation well enough to guess what happens next?
No rest for me, as my temperature has just spiked and I definitely do not feel right. I am shivering and aching all over- joints, head, throat, chest, ears… You name it, it has probably been hurting! My Aunty now has to drive me from Barnham back to the hospital (which I left just 3 hours ago).

10:22 pm
I’ve come into Howard Ward and am waiting to see a doctor now. It’s not likely that I’ll be getting much sleep but is probable that I’ll end up as an inpatient if the temperature goes any higher.

This couldn’t have come at a worse time as I was already in the worst mood earlier because I am utterly and completely sick of sitting around in a hospital room all day (which I have been doing way too much of recently)

10:48 pm
Live update: my temperature has already just gone up to over 38 degrees which means a course of antibiotics needs to start as soon as they are ready. The antibiotics mean that I will now be in here for 5 to 7 days depending on what is actually wrong. Any long time blog readers beginning to see a pattern here?

As the (cute) doctor feels my neck glands for swelling “blimey you are hot aren’t you sweetheart!” #melts

11:35 pm
I can’t believe that all of this rubbish is happening in the week when I was meant to be done with chemo and looking towards freedom. Is there no justice in the world?!

Safe to say my mood is even lower now, on top of that I feel hot but also absolutely freezing and generally unwell. I still have all my hospital bands on from earlier though, what a happy coincidence.

Will update when I know details.


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  1. Dear Becca, SO soory to hear you are back in hospital and feeling really unwell. We will double our prayer efforts for you and send you lots of love. Dennis and Christine xx

  2. Really sorry to hear about this downturn. Will pray for the AB’s to kick in quick and that you’ll feel better soon and on your way back home (or to your auntie’s place). Grada x

  3. Oh honey. How awful for you to be back in hospital and feeling so horrid! Lots of love and oodles of good wishes coming your way xxxxxxxx

  4. So sorry to hear that rubbish news. We’ll pray you get fast respite from the bugs and now chemo is over you quickly regain a fighting body with your own immunity building over the coming weeks.

    Love from Colin & Jenni

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