Blood Culture Results


It turns out that both of my lines have grown a bug in them, which is just great!!! (NOT.)
I am feeling well and everything is stable so I could technically come off of the antibiotics, but due to the fact that this is the 3rd incidence of a line infection the doctor reckons that doing the full 7 day course would probably be best in order to kill as much of the bug as possible.

They didn’t manage to get in contact with my main registrar at Southampton as he was off today, but tomorrow they will call him to make sure a plan is in place before the weekend.

For the moment I am still locked away on the children’s ward, and despite a few kids screaming and crying as if they were being tortured earlier which was quite moving I don’t actually mind being here as I am close to home. There is always a positive!

It did make me laugh when I first got here and the nurse came in to weigh me as she said she wished all patients were as easy to treat as me. I was confused as I wondered why any young child would resist what is probably the easiest part of all this, being weighed; it’s quick and pain free! She told me that they often have to bribe children onto the chair with stickers. Rewards for sitting on a chair for ten seconds?! The idea seems ludicrous to me, but then I got thinking… maybe I should be playing the cancer card a bit more, reaping some more rewards? Haha!


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