Home, Gelato and Remission?!


I thought the confusion would be over now and I would be in hospital for good but I have actually managed to get home again! I went back for my chemo on Thursday and the consultant said I could leave after it was done until Tuesday!
Today we’ve been out for a lovely walk at Amberley with 3/5 of the Stack family and we took some sweet photos…

Gracie and I have been out for Gelato tonight which was fab, and tomorrow I have some good plans for easter sunday!

I am feeling ok despite the second round of chemo and people have been saying that I look good so everything is going well!

Before we left they gave me the news that my most recent bone marrow was negative, which means no leukaemia and that I am officially in remission! When I got the result back in January I was almost too scared to believe it in case something went wrong and this result was positive, but Thursday was like a confirmation and now I feel really great about it! It also feels a bit like now I’m back to normal and the leukaemia was never there but I know that’s not right! I still have to finish the 2 year treatment as that is designed to hopefully prevent a relapse.

Now I would be saying something like “I should be staying in next week as my counts are about to drop” but I’ve been saying that for weeks and then being sent home, so I will just update you with whatever is happening!


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  1. Hi Becca, that’s great news . Enjoy the rest of your Easter. Love to you all ,from all the Harpers xxxxx I tried to send this yesterday, from Cardiff, but forgot my user name!!!!

  2. Hi Becca,
    We are so glad that you are officially in remission. Well done for persevering.
    You`re blog is inspiring.
    Wishing you God`s strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.
    best wishes
    Colin and Jenni

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