Long Day


It has been a looooong but overall nice day in the hospital today! Mum and I left at 8am and didn’t get back until 6pm and the majority of my time was spent waiting for chemo and bloods, no thanks to the blood labs who when questioned said “we don’t have a sample from you” then when they got up to have a search… OH! They did have it! Give me strength!
So despite waiting around and feeling extra tired from actually having to wake up before 9 o’clock in the morning I got to chat to three lovely people- Josh, Jodie and Asheton who really brightened the day! It is really good to talk to people who are experiencing the same things and just understand exactly how you feel. It was great for mum to chat to two other ‘cancer mums’ too!

Sadly they dropped the bombshell that the last block of chemo has to be done as an inpatient, so I have two weeks left of my freedom and then I have to be back in again for the final two months of instensive treatment. The two weeks are empty time for my counts to recover as today was my final dose of chemotherapy for this block. I’m not really looking forward to being in as I have just perfectly adjusted to being home again. I have not missed the people constantly coming in to my room all the time, describing every little side effect I feel and moving between the same two rooms all day long! Hopefully the time will fly by and I’ll get some leave throughout the block as the thought of being in hospital solidly again is a shock to the system!

Just to be clear, as somehow people have been getting confused about whether I am in or not, I am at home for TWO MORE WEEKS. 🙂


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