In Which Dad Turns 50, I Come Home and Hear a Story I’ll Never Forget!


So I didn’t do a blog post when I got home as we were hugely busy setting up for dad’s birthday party, which actually worked well because it was really fun to surprise people who didn’t know I’d be here when I opened the front door!
I’m really glad I could be back for the party as it was such good fun, I had a great time catching up with people and dancing- although I didn’t last nearly as long in heels as I did at prom!

Somehow I persevered until 4am with the last of the guests and was even treated with a wonderful story of how one of dad’s friends (who shall remain nameless- though if you were there you’ll know exactly who i mean!) accidently got into bed with my grandparents after a night in the pub! And not to mention, said friend was stark naked at the time. *tries to force image out of mind*


The clean up was pretty easy and we had a lovely breakfast of english muffins, sausage, bacon and egg as my god parents Kevin & Maria and my uncle Matthew had stayed over.

By the time a few morning visitors had left I was definitely feeling the lack of sleep so I had a nap and then watched a film until 5, when I finally couldn’t avoid getting dressed any longer because we were going out for dad’s birthday meal!
We had a great meal in Brasserie Blanc (it has a food hygiene rating of 5, I have high neutrophils and there was one other set of customers in there on the other side of the room before any ex-leukaemic patients judge me!)

I’m all settled back into my room now and have had the best homecoming weekend ever!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who said kind and supportive things to me at the party, they were a real encouragement, and to thank everyone again for all the things they have done whether it was fund-raising, helping our family, offering to get tissue tested, give lifts to places… the list goes on! This experience has proven to me that there are some amazing people in my life! One last thank you goes out to anyone and everyone who is reading my blog, it means the world!


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  1. You have blown his cover by putting up a photo of him!! Thank you my beautifull daughter for all your hard work in getting the party readty, feedback seems everybody had a epic time.

  2. We were so glad you all had a great time and sorry we couldn’t make it. At least Andy arrived home safely with out putting anything out! Catch up soon. Lots of love to all xxxx

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