Breaking the Rules


I am writing this from home again! I know it’s really confusing as they keep sending me back and forth, but I’ll be here until Thursday evening, then I’m going back in for my LAST EVER STAY (hopefully).

Today was really fun as a couple of us were doing filming for a ‘welcome to the ward’ video for a cancer support website called Jimmy Teens, which mainly consisted of Ed and I dancing and racing up and down the corridor using drip stands as scooters while one of our doctors laughed and shook his head.

Then I hung out with Josh in the day room for a few hours as he was in for treatment and they were taking ages. We had a laugh messing around with the observations set, when I unknowingly pumped the blood pressure cuff up as high as it would go whilst it was round his arm! At which point the doctor I mentioned earlier came by and laughed at us, then proceeded to show me how it was done properly. I love that he didn’t judge us for any of our mad behaviour, thought it must have looked like I was a bad influence on the guys!


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