Bring Me Home


I’ve been home again this weekend and have had a lovely few days going for a walk in Slindon woods and cooking dinner for mum and I (a salmon, asparagus and tomato tray bake in balsamic vinegar) which turned out pretty well!
This is a photo from yesterday of us at a spot we loved to climb on as kids…
I only have two sets of chemo left in this block which has gone really fast, and after that I move into the last ‘intensive’ block of the treatment. Looking back at the last 6 months now it feels as if it has gone pretty quickly, it all seems like a surreal blur and I honestly still get moments where I think “This isn’t real, this isn’t happening to me!”
I’m now looking forward to the prospect of being home all the time, it means a lot more peace and quiet (during the day at least!) and my own bed! It will be really good to see people more often as well as Southampton is a bit of a trek! There are definitely parts and people I will miss but I still have to go back for check ups and certain drugs so they haven’t gotten rid of me yet!


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  1. Hi Becca, so glad you are back at home and having a lovely time out in the fresh air. It’s a great photo. Lots of love to you all from us all xxxx

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