Fifteen Minutes of Fame


Hi! Today has been really awesome!

Before everyone arrived I felt pretty nervous and unsure about what I was doing. My friends Ed and Olivia showed up and we sat around chatting for a while so I felt better! We then went to meet everyone and it all got crazy! It was so busy, it was weird to see so many people!

First we met some patients who have either been treated on the ward or helped to design it and they were all really lovely. Then the press arrived! Ed and I were dragged out to meet lots of people and taken to do interviews. We started off with radios, and my first one was Jack fm, then Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson (Duchess of York) arrived so I got to chat to her and have a photo. I was standing there thinking “I have my arm around a Duchess right now and people are taking photos of us like paparazzi!” it felt so surreal! She was so lovely and much more down to earth than I had expected!

Next I did more interviews with Breeze and then Wave 105 I think! It’s all a blur! The patients, nurses and the Duchess all got in to pose for a photo for the local newspaper the Southern Daily Echo.

After that I got to do some TV interviews! It was so weird seeing the big camera and microphones. Ed thought he had bagged the BBC and I was relegated to itv, but it turns out I GOT BOTH! He wasn’t happy with me!
When the TV filming was done I noticed Ed next door in Vicky’s room and the Duchess just coming out. She said some lovely things to me, including “text me if you need anything” and when I went to see Vicky it turned out that Fergie had given Vicky her number and taken her number and address in return! Sarah had asked if there was anything on her bucket list she wanted to do or anything she wanted. She is so kind! Apparently she has left presents for us!
We all filmed a video to send to TCT patron Roger Daltrey from The Who as he was meant to be here today but he was ill which was a shame- some had come especially to see him!

We took some silly photos of Ed and I in my wigs but mum took her camera home so I will post them as soon as I can!
All has calmed down now, I just briefly met the mayor of Southampton and his wife who were lovely and I am in need of a bit of a rest now!

Finally, just to let you know that at some point clips of the ward and my interview will be on ITV meridian at 6pm and BBC south today at 6.30pm tonight! Also let me know if any of you listen to Wave, Bliss or Jack fm and hear my part! They will only be short but I felt very important filming them and almost famous as everyone was calling my name, introducing me to people and the journalists kept coming up and saying “Becca, can i just grab you for a chat!” At one point I was wanted by the two TV people and one had to just wait their turn until I was done!


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  1. Oh wow that sounded amazingBecca!! You lucky thing! I’ll be watching tonight to see you! Will be nice to hear your voice again even if it is on TV!!! Oh well good to know you had an awesome time!!

  2. Awesome Becca! You were brilliant and very calm! Immie and I watched you and taped it all! Great to see a little bit of where you are too. Presie on the way, Immie has been writing and wrapping.
    Love Becks and Immie and the Hartley boys too x

  3. Hi becca, im not sure if you remeber me from Chi or not but i just want to firstly say congratulations on your amazing blog! Its very well written and inspiring for others with or without cancer. Secondly i wish you all the best of luck for the future, its crazy what life throws at ya but you just got to keep your head up and keep fighting 😊 have a wonderful christmas, all the best xxx

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