Good News


The good news is that I’ve felt fine today. I actually managed to get up, have a shower and get fully dressed (this is my way of defining how well I feel. If I can be bothered to shower it’s a good day!) My temperature has gone back down to 36.4 which is lower than usual anyway, so I must be better now. Hurrah!

Update: saying that, an old pain has just come back with a vengeance. Well if its not one thing causing me grief it’s another!
After mum arrived and went down to the canteen to get us some dinner, we skyped the Coopers (my cousins) and it was lovely to chat, with a surprise drop in from Granddad…

(sorry uncle martin, busted!)
These are my nails this week, strawberries painted by my sweet Godmother Maria (see what I did there? Strawberries… sweet? No? I’ll get my coat) …
I’m a celeb is on TV now  so I’m off!


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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Next stop Christmas dinner!
    Had to have a double take of your Skype photo though- initially looked like a scene from a movie that has yet to be made starring Al Pacino with Steve Merchant tickling his ear with a feather! Maybe it’s just my poor old eyes though.

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