Since my last post I have rewatched (is that even a word?!) both series of Sherlock, reached an all time low of just 11 platelets and had a little bit more chemo.
They have said that they are going to try and fill in the two lumbar punctures I missed starting next Wednesday which is good as they need to be done but bad as they are not particularly pleasant to go through. Though judging from past experience this might not all go to plan because of clotting levels and whatnot. We’ll see!
I’ll leave this as a short post as most of my other ones end up rambling and long, and I’m not really sure what else to tell you, sorry!
Just a picture of my lovely cousin being silly on Skype today which made my very long and dull day…
(sorry holly, I love you!)


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  1. Hey becca, we’ll get some more box sets over to you soon! How’s the guitar playing coming along? Are you able to play t the moment? Mark

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