Same Old, Same Old


Still waiting for the missed lumbar puncture, am getting a bit tired of all the miscommunication, waiting around and most of all the peripheral blood tests… leave my poor bruised arms alone please!

We are moving on with the chemo, some nasty drugs which make me feel ill but are all for the greater good so you have to grin and bear it. I’m not due any drips until Thursday so I get a couple of days off at the moment which is nice.

Today I was ashamed to admit to Ed that the highlight of yesterday was watching a DVD whilst lying in bed, (actually it was a game of pool and having a visitor but I had forgotten that at the time) so I have tried to do some different things today… i.e. blogging and watching youtube videos. Oh life is filled with excitement!
Have decided to use this down time wisely and acquire new tricks and talents such as learning all of the states of America by heart and being able to recite them. Will update you on how this is going and maybe upload a video when I can chant them fast enough for it to be impressive (this probably sounds ridiculous to you but I think its quite exciting. See, your perspective on everything changes when something like this happens to you!)

That’s all to tell apart from this weeks nails, they are pink butterfly wings and are so pretty!


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